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Who are BES?

BES is a Botswana-registered company that focuses on market research and customer service measurement and improvement.  We specialize in helping you to make the most of your most valuable asset: your customer-facing employees. You can contact us by email at

We use a variety of tools to achieve these improvements using a variety of tools including mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys, service audits and organizational and procedural reviews. Everything we do is focused on making your company more customer focused. And therefore more successful.

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Who are Consumer Watchdog?

Consumer Watchdog is an entirely free consumer rights advocacy, campaigning and education resource for the consumer of Botswana. We do our best to support consumers in resolving problems with suppliers and do our best to educate them on their rights and responsibilities. You can contact Consumer Watchdog by email at

You can also keep up with us on Facebook, read the Consumer Watchdog blog or follow us on Twitter.